A Celebration of Science and Reason at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

A Celebration of Science and Reason Tickets

Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

It's the Great White North's time for a celebration of science and reason this Thursday, April 14, 2022, at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver. Physicists Lawrence Krauss & Sabine Hossenfelder, together with astronaut Chris Hadfield, will be discussing what's new and on the horizon in the realm of science! Join thousands of truth-seekers as you listen to the open and inspirational discussion about the cosmos, technology, theory, and the unknown. Book your tickets for the event because you wouldn't want to miss the esteemed scientists wrestling with big questions, including yours in the Q&A sessions. Secure your tickets here and know what's the next step forward for humanity!

A Celebration of Science and Reason at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Developed by Travis Pangburn and his company Pangburn Philosophy, A Celebration of Science and Reason is more than an event. It is a project that aims to share and discuss the roles of Atheism and Science in a world of growth and change.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield will join Physicists Lawrence Krauss and Sabine Hossenfelder on April 14th for an open dialogue about technology, the cosmos, and the unknown. With their years of experience in the field, these experts will share the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to address topics of religion, current science, and existential wonders and how these things affect the lives of humans in the past, present, and future.

The producer of the event, who is also a philosopher himself, calls this event "a source of much-needed inspiration as we attempt to revive from a pandemic and plan our next step. Some are frustrated with how the scientific method has been wielded, and others don't see the justification for this frustration. Let's bring people together to celebrate the method and see where we can improve our communication."

This is an exciting event that dedicated followers look forward to since attendees will have access to the live Q&A session with the esteemed speakers. What's more exciting is the post-event meet-up where attendees will be able to keep the celebration going. Aside from conversing with other like-minded people, attendees will surely enjoy the music, discourse, and good company from other attendees. So if this is your cup of tea, make sure to secure your tickets as early as now!

A Celebration of Science and Reason at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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