Anthony Jeselnik at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Anthony Jeselnik Tickets

Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

Anthony Jeselnik, the stand up comedian who is known for SHOCKING audiences with his special brand of comedy, is BACK!!! with a brand new tour called "BONES AND ALL, yup, there is a lot to be excited about." People just can't get enough of his insanely harsh insults as they cut through the butt of his jokes like a hot knife through butter, as well as the controversial dark humor, irony, and inflated persona he displays. The show coming to the QUEEN ELIZABETH THEATRE on December 2, 2023, will be truly off the hook, and you cannot afford to miss it because it will be that good!!! After all, this dude is one of the most sought-after comics owing to his impeccable timing and knack for transforming even the most highly regarded things into hilarious fodder for his jokes. Grab your tickets to the show right now by clicking the “GET TICKETS” button NOW!!!

Anthony Jeselnik at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

There are only a few people in the comedy game that really dare to push the boundaries of stand-up comedy like Athony Jeselnik, and for this, he is well respected and beloved by fans around the world. With his egotistical demeanor and sociopathic attitudes that provoke insane laughter amongst audience members, he's not only a brilliant comedian, but also a master of shock value and dark humor. He is also a writer, actor, and producer of comedic works. The story of Jeselnick's incredible career is an inspiring example of what can be accomplished with dedication.

He got his start in the entertainment industry in 2009, contributing to the first season of Late Night and hosting Comedy Central Presents with Jimmy Fallon. In 2010, he released an album titled Shakespeare, which quickly became a critical and commercial success, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart.

His career really started to snowball when he was given a presenter role on Comedy Central Roasts; he quickly became famous for mocking the likes of Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, and Rosanne Barr.

Comedy Central acknowledged his efforts by giving him a show of his own, The Jeselnik Offensive. Jeselnick's stand-up special, Thoughts and Prayers, premiered on Netflix in the same year he replaced J.B. Smoove on Last Comic Standing (NBC, 2015).

From co-hosting a podcast with Gregg Rosenthal to releasing several critically acclaimed stand-up specials, this guy has the comedy game on lock. Yeah, there is nothing else like him on the planet today, and he always delivers with incredible precision, which is why he is well known for selling out shows.

Jeselnick's live performances and stand-up specials have been huge successes, and he has a devoted fan base and critical acclaim for his unique brand of comedy. Tickets will undoubtedly sell out quickly because true fans would not miss this show for anything. You can secure one for yourself right here and now before it's too late. Now is the time to act, so grab them before someone else beats you to it.

Anthony Jeselnik at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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