Bloom Inspiration Summit: Jann Arden at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

If the past two years have been a challenge to get by with, it's time to re-ignite that spark and rekindle happiness and connection back into your life once again – for the better. Simply Beautiful presents this chance at the Bloom Inspiration Summit with special guest Jann Arden at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, 24th of September 2022. Featuring a lineup of amazing women who'll inspire you to take on a brighter journey ahead, the Juno Award-winning Canadian entertainer, Jann Arden, is set to share her life journey, getting through by adaptability and finding change. Don't miss out on this life-changing summit by booking your tickets now!

Bloom Inspiration Summit: Jann Arden at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Presented by Evalina Beauty and Simply Beautiful, the Bloom Inspiration Summit is a moment where an amazing lineup of female speakers share their journey towards finding light, committing to live a better and fullest life amidst challenges along the way. Focusing on empowering women to take on a blooming life, the event would feature talks on topics including grief and joy, reaching goals, intimacy, rest, home transformation, resilience, etc.

Aiming to "light a fire inside you, leave you dreaming big and show you how to spark more joy", the Bloom Inspiration Summit features Jann Arden, Jessica Janzen, Meg Golightly, Dr. Shimi Kang, Dr. Carolin Klein, Claudia Chirico, and ZADA.

The summit features an intimate conversation with the award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and actress Jann Arden. Arden will be sharing her personal journey, adaptability, change, and finding the good in life along with funny things along the way amidst challenging and difficult situations.

Other speakers will be discussing topics ranging from loss, heartache, and finding joy amidst those experiences, home organization, building new skills and finding one's own resilience and connection, sex and sexuality, and healing that can lead to discovering one's best potential.

Don't miss out on this chance to come together, vulnerable and having the desire to bring about positive change – for the betterment of one's life at the Bloom Inspiration summit in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this September 24th by saving your seats now!

Bloom Inspiration Summit: Jann Arden at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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