Hasan Minhaj at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

Hasan Minhaj

He’s certainly one controversial figure – having himself banned in a few countries! But his fans love him for it! Are you ready for some incredible stand-up bits?! If you are, then come see some hilarious quips and anecdotes from one of Time's 100 most influential figures! Hasan Minhaj’s Off With His Head Tour is slated to be the funniest, most outrageously thrilling stand-up trek of 2024! The outing, which kicked off in 2023, has been extended due to public demand, and Minhaj is slated to do several more dates in 2024! The unprecedented star of Netflix’s Patriot Act drops by Vancouver this spring season! Making his way to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Minhaj is slated to deliver his unique brand of comedy, which includes hard truths! Prepare to laugh as Minhaj shares hilarious anecdotes and poke fun at world leaders on Friday, 15th March 2024! This highly-awaited show is slated to boost your mood and have some enlightenment with his “emotional truths!” If you love his brand of comedy, you better hurry and secure tickets to the Off With His Head Tour happening at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Friday, 15th March 2024!

Hasan Minhaj is really taking his craft to the next level! The sensational comedian and the modern time’s emotional truth teller is sparing with no one on this upcoming trek! The Off With His Head Tour is slated to question, comment, and poke fun at current events! Moreover, expect some humorous anecdotes based on Minhaj’s personal experiences! This no-holds-barred comedy promises to make an entire venue laugh but also learn a thing or two about the current world and political situations. World leaders and powerful countries will face some relentless roasts and Minhaj is not afraid to take the heat! When it comes to top-tier comedy, Minhaj is no stranger. He has presented a great new concept in delivering outstanding comedy with a visual presentation - evident in his highly-rated Netflix series The Patriot Act. But this time, Minhaj will not rely on any tools to deliver his remarkable set. He will perform his new material without any gadgets, maps, or material, just his impeccable timing and masterful bits!

He’s one of America’s most celebrated and modern comedians. His witty observations and notorious commentary on politics and current events have made him a stand-out among a plethora of comics coming out in the circuit. His exemplary works have earned him multiple accolades, including two Peabody Awards and two Webby Awards. In 2019, Minhaj was included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People.

Kicking off his career with a gig at The Daily Show, Hasan Minhaj has quickly progressed into one of the most-watched comedians of 2023. This 2024, he continues to perform his highly acclaimed tour across the U.S. and beyond. This series of shows comes after his incredible efforts in hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner and stand-up specials with Netflix, Homecoming King, and The King’s Jester.

Friday, 15th March 2024, Hasan Minhaj is set to conquer the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with The Off With His Head Tour. Mind you, the stand-up comedian loves to roast political leaders, so expect Canada’s prime minister to take some heat on this one! But ultimately, the show is guaranteed to deliver some fantastic jokes. His unique brand of humor will undoubtedly make the whole theater erupt with laughter.

If you’re keen on catching Hasan Minhaj with his latest stand-up set at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, you better get a move on those tickets! Access to his show on Friday, 15th March 2024, is now available!

Hasan Minhaj at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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