Raffi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

"Baby Beluga"…Down By The Bay"…"Bananaphone!”. Betcha, that those unforgettable melodies are now whirling in your head right now and giving you that irresistible urge to hum or even sing out loud! Now hold that thought and read on…The mainman responsible from those ultra catch children's ditties is making his way to this side of town. Catch Raffi perform these songs at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Sunday 10th November 2019. Truly a bonding moment for the whole family. Mark your calendars and book your tickets now!

Raffi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Happy childhood memories come with catchy and super sing-able soundtracks — simple songs that one can still hum and sing-along with even in adulthood. Timeless ditties like "Baby Beluga" and "Down by the Bay" are songs that have been passed on to from generation to generation. The man behind these treasured songs is Raffi Cavoukian, known to kids across the world simply as Raffi. This singer, songwriter, producer, author, lecturer and tireless advocate for children has a string of gold and platinum-selling records to his name. His 1980's "Baby Beluga", remains one of his most famous songs, as well as top favorites which include “Down By The Bay,” and Bananaphone!”.

“I love singing for children and families,” says Raffi. Aside from winning kids' hearts and getting the thumbs-up from parents, he has received high commendations from the press.

“The most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world.” – Washington Post

“Canada’s all-time children’s champion.” – Toronto Star

As he embarks on this latest concert tour, Raffi is elated to be hearing generations upon generations of families singing-along with him. "…I look forward to hearing more ‘beluga grads’ and their kids singing favourites like “Baby Beluga,” “Down By The Bay,” and Bananaphone!” and others from my recent Best of Raffi album."

Music and songs is one of ties that bind wonderful childhood memories with their families. Make this bond stronger by delighting your kids to an evening that will form the soundtrack of their lives that they would playback with a smile. Catch Raffi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Sunday 10th November 2019. Book your tickets now!

Raffi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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