Royal Blood at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

A night of royal hard rock and psychedelic music will welcome Canadian fans this November 14, as the English rock duo Royal Blood brings their North American tour to Canadian grounds. Immerse yourself in an evening of high-octane rock performances from Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher and sing along to their classic hits, including "Lights Out," "Figure It Out," "Out of the Black," and "I Only Lie When I Love You," among many others. The temperature may start to drop in Vancouver this fall, but the power duo will bring the heat through their electrifying performances on this one-night show. The band is known to encourage interaction with their audience, so prepare to be singing and dancing. After all, this is not only a concert but an event that fosters a sense of camaraderie among audience members. Tickets are now on sale, and you can score yours early by hitting the "Get Tickets" link. See you at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 14!

Royal Blood at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

With thousands of albums sold worldwide and hit singles that invaded the airwaves, Royal Blood is a household name in the rock music scene. As one of the biggest rock names from the United Kingdom, the band has made their mark. Thanks to their genre-bending rock tunes that are characterized by driving rhythms, catchy riffs, creative lyricism, and superb musicality.

Comprised of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, Royal Blood started their journey in 2011. Like most bands, the duo had their humble beginnings. Both Kerr and Thatcher were scoring gigs separately when they met in the early 2010s. They released their break-out debut single, "Out of the Black," in 2013. The single's success introduced the duo's name into the rock music scene. Kerr's ruff vocals and the song's catchy riff set the tone for the band's signature s und, separating them from the sea of rock bands.

It wasn't long after they signed with Warner Bros. that they released their first album. Their self-titled album was a smashing success, reaching the top spot in the UK Albums Chart and garnering praise from critics worldwide. With their unique sound that fuses hard rock, garage rock, and the blues, Royal Blood's established a mark in the rock music industry.

Their sophomore album, "How Did We Get So Dark," released in 2017, was also a massive success. It charted in over 20 countries and reached the top spots in UK Rock & Metal Albums, U Albums, and Scottish Albums. It was followed by the album "Typhoons," which was released in 2021. Like its predecessor, the record charted in several territories and was certified silver in the UK, selling over 60,000 copies.

This year, the duo is set to release their fourth studio album entitled "Back to the Water Below." To be released earlier in September this year, the album was preceded by the lead single "Mountains at Midnight." The duo's recent appearance at the BBC 1 Big Weekend festival also signaled their return to the touring circuit.

This fall, Mike and Ben will be embarking on a North American tour, which will bring them to nearly 30 venues all over the US and Canada. The duo will stop at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 14 with the post-punk band Ho Wax. Tickets for the show are now on sale, and you can get yours here. Click the "Get Tickets" link to reserve yours.

Royal Blood at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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