Sunmi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

The good girl, Sunmi, has 'gone mad as she makes her big comeback following the release of her new singles "열이올라요 (Heart Burn)" and "풋사랑 (Childhood)". The K-Pop megastar is set to bring her brand-new era to life as she embarks on the “GOOD GIRL GONE MAD” tour with a stop at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Thursday, September 15th of 2022. 11 months since the release of her 2021 record "1/6?" with her hit single, "You Can't Sit with Us", Sunmi is back with new music and a big comeback tour. Watch out for big surprises by the one and only Sunmi, and don't miss out on the GOOD GIRL GONE MAD tour by booking your tickets now!

Sunmi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Singing "Summer heat doesn’t cool down all night / I keep dancing with dangerous moves / Burning sunlight with a mild breeze / I love these vibes" in her new single, Sunmi is set to bring some hot love as she marks this big new era. Embarking on her "GOOD GIRL GONE MAD" tour, Sunmi earlier dropped her newest single "Heart Burn" which she describes as "a hot midsummer love story".

The song marks her big comeback for 2022, along with its B-side "Childhood". Earlier this year, she also released "Oh Sorry Ya", as a representative Asian artist for the EQUAL X Spotify Singles project that hopes to shed light on female artists for International Women's Day.

With her big comeback tour being the talk of the town, Sunmi shared with Allkpop, "The band version of ‘Heart Burn’ was recently released. I played the bass while singing and many of my fans enjoyed me playing the bass after a long time. On this world tour, I plan to perform while also playing the bass. Please look forward to it."

In August of last year, the K-Pop superstar released her third mini album "1/6" featuring her hit single "You Can't Sit with Us". In a video where she goes mad and shoots zombies, she raps "Don’t call me, ‘honey’ / ‘Cause I ain’t gon’ be no sweet girl".

Got those lightsticks ready? Catch the good and sweet Sunmi take it all out and go mad at the GOOD GIRL GONE MAD by booking your tickets now!

Sunmi at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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