Taylor Tomlinson at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

Suppose the only thing missing from your life is an incredible dose of laughter with more than a dash of self-depreciation. In that case, you will "Have it All" in Taylor Tomlinson's stand-up show in Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, 19th of August, 2023! Have you ever had specific goals when they were kids? Maybe get married, have a house and car, or have your dream job by 30? All those dreams, but all you have now is unsettling confusion? You're not the only one! With Tomlinson's outrageous humor that mirrors our trauma and fears, you are surely in for a wild ride. Her show is more than just a clever setup and punchline. Her material carries a narrative arc with character developments, twisting plots, and resolved conflicts within an hour. Don't miss Taylor Tomlinson's "Have It All" Tour! Purchase your tickets and prepare for an exciting night of laughter!

Taylor Tomlinson at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Don't miss one of the country's youngest touring headliners, Taylor Tomlinson on her "Have it All" tour! She has numerous experiences, including two Netflix stand-up specials, a massive online presence, especially on Tiktok, Conan and the Tonight Show appearances, and her own podcast.

Her stand-up comedy experience began in church basements at 16 years of age. She is known for her somehow adorable self-deprecating point of view, incredibly sharp crowd work, and unbeatable wit. Like many great comedians, she knows how to present the mundane and depressing bits of life in an entertaining and relatable way.

Taylor has taken advantage of online platforms to boost her popularity. On Tiktok, she has almost 2.5 million followers and 40 million likes, which paved the way for artist sponsorships and alternate revenue streams.

In 2020, she had her first comedy special on Netflix called Quarter-Life Crisis. This one-hour material debut tapped into a large set of audience who were thirsty for entertainment during the pandemic lockdown. By 2022, she performed another Netflix special called "Look At You," where she candidly joked about her bipolar diagnosis, therapy, medications, and when her mother died when she was 8.

This time, her material in the "Have It All" tour will be lighter and sillier, more fun for her and the audience, according to the comedian.

In an interview, Taylor Tomlinson describes what her new tour would be like.
"Everyone has a different age in their head of, 'This is when I'm gonna have x, y, and z – this is when I'm gonna have everything figured out.' But life just doesn't work like that. At all," she said. "Everybody in my life, in their 20s and 30s, they may have their dream job – but they're not married. They might be married – but they don't know if they want kids. Or they may have kids – but they don't have the dream job. Or they got divorced. So that's kind of the overarching theme of 'Have It All.'"

Spend your Saturday night roaring with laughter in Taylor Tomlinson's brand new tour featuring old-school-meets-Millennial style! Get your tickets now!

Taylor Tomlinson at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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