Waitress at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Waitress Tickets

Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

This should be one of leading Tuesday nights for theater-goers in Vancouver in a long while. Queen Elizabeth Theatre is set to bring you yet another second to none live performance of the critically acclaimed Waitress. Queen Elizabeth Theatre will be hosting this event on Tuesday 12th November 2019. Waitress has been getting rave reviews across the country and Canada state, come and see for yourself why Waitress is one of the leading entertainment events to grace theater stages in recent memory. This show in November will be attracting guests from all over Vancouver. We suggest locking-in your seats today for the Tuesday performance before tickets run out.

Waitress at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

The upcoming season's calendar is booked for total and absolute pure entertainment at Queen Elizabeth Theatre! Known to have the very top selection of theater and performances to lost in over the coming months however, your bucket list for 2019 absolutely has got to include Waitress. This unsurpassed show has beaten box office records with ticket sales and will be coming to to Vancouver this November. Critics have dubbed it as the 'top show of 2019' and 'a unbelievable performance of uninhibited talent' while audiences have given standing ovations at every show! Waitress will be welcomed with open doors by Queen Elizabeth Theatre for an unforgettable Tuesday that you'll always remember. Get your family and friends together on Tuesday 12th November 2019 and get yorselves to the main event. Don not forget to pre-book your seats in advance to save disappointment – get yours quickly for the best views!

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