World of Dance Live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

World of Dance Live Tickets

Queen Elizabeth Theatre | Vancouver, British Columbia

This Saturday night on Saturday 5th October 2019, Queen Elizabeth Theatre is proud to present World of Dance Live! This amazing group is back for another performance that will surely sell out fast. Fans of the genre are already rushing to the ticket stands so they can enjoy this amazing show. So whether you live near the Vancouver area or you come from anywhere else in Canada, you won’t find a better way to spend your Saturday night. But don’t just take our word for it. Critics are already saying that World of Dance Live is the must-see show of October with some calling it a contender for best show of 2019. If you want to join this amazing show, then click that Buy Tickets button below.

World of Dance Live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Quoth the raven – nevermore! Actually, at least one more time, theatre lovers will be able to enjoy another classic performance of World of Dance Live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. If you’re an avid fan of theatre on the lookout for next great theatre performance to attend, this is where you’re going to be on Saturday 5th October 2019. It’s surely one of the most popular theatre events happening this October, maybe even the entire year! The expectations from this performance are great but so is the interest. That being said, waste no more time and act immediately (don’t be a Hamlet!). Get your tickets now!

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